Bacon Bowl 2014 Part 2 – Video Fun!

Earlier this week I wrote about once again attending Petit Jean Meat’s Bacon Bowl, held this year in Bentonville, AR with proceeds benefitting local charitable organization Youth Bridge. While there, I also took some video clips I wanted to share.

First up is a small video showing my Mom and Dad’s first ever time of entering an egg-tossing competition. The first toss went well. But the second??


Oh well! They might have been the first team to go out of the contest, but at least they didn’t end up with egg on their face. Or shirt. Or shoes. :-)

And here’s a little longer video I put together of the day’s activities, including talking with Eggland’s Best, who sponsored the egg toss contest (plus a shot of the winning catch), Adam Poch from the Big Brother House, the bacon eating contest and winner, and the Judges’ Overall Winners for best dish – Cherokee Casino. They’ll have the opportunity to fly to Las Vegas this November to compete in the Bacon Division of the World Food Championships.

There was a band playing this year, so sorry about the loud music in places. But I think you can still tell how much fun everyone was having. Enjoy!


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  1. What great videos along with the write up. It looks like everyone was really enjoying themselves. We were there and the entire air smells like fried bacon and what could be better than that. We are looking forward to the Bacon Bowl in 2015.

  2. I think we will start soon practicing for next years egg toss contest. I knew the egg wasn’t going to make it to me so I stepped back so I wouldn’t get egg all over me.

    1. Hehe. At least you tried! I was wayyyy too chicken to even make the attempt. (But then I definitely would have ended up an eggy mess!)

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