Chef Blythe Beck and The Movie Lounge Bring Fine Food to Fort Smith

Fort Smith AR Movie Lounge

The Movie Lounge

Over the holidays, I was excited to check out the Movie Lounge, a Fort Smith, Arkansas movie theater that bills itself as “a triple feature” of fine dining, fun, and film. I had read that Chef Blythe Beck, from the Oxygen Channel’s Naughty Kitchen TV show, had taken over cooking duties at the Lounge and the online menu posted on their site let me know that they offered more than your typical popcorn/nachos/big gulp drinks. But the food there was tastier, fancier, and even prettier than I was expecting!

A tasty preview menu...

A tasty preview menu…

Our group met up to see an enjoyable romantic comedy. And “About Time” was really cute. But the highlight far and away had to be the trays of delicacies served to us throughout the movie as part of the locale’s Red-Button Service.

Movie Lounge in Fort Smith, AR

Gotta love the crab!

I had the Avocado Crab Crunch, which included jumbo lump crab rolled in seasoned bread crumbs, a strong yet tasty drink called “The Mob Wife” that combined coconut rum and Amaretto liqueur, and a shared chocolate fudge waffle for dessert. That last bit of heaven included peanut butter ice cream and decadent slices of caramelized bananas. Yep, I was definitely stuffed when I walked out!Drink

Some of my friends instead had the Movie Lounge’s version of Chicken and Waffles, which turned out to be sweet waffle-battered fried chicken strips with gravy and waffle fries with maple ketchup. Yum!!

While we were eating our way through the movie, the 1400 square foot “Screening Room” next door was hosting a company holiday party, complete with a private movie showing. The overall decor of the Lounge is fun and sleek, from a cool purple glow from the bar and drink shelves, to framed black and white photos of movie icons against the black walls, and “spotlights” hanging down and positioned throughout.

Movie Lounge Fort Smith, AR
There’s also a pretty spectacular dining area/ballroom that features live music, standup comedy, and improv acts periodically.

Chef Blythe is in the middle

Chef Blythe is in the middle

Our night ended on a super positive note when we got the chance to actually meet Chef Blythe. She came out for pictures, to answer our questions, and to enjoy all the compliments we were giving. She also had some very nice things to say about her adopted town of Fort Smith.

It was a fun night, especially coming in the middle of the week. And it’s something I want to do again — soon! But next time I plan on trying their Apple Pecan Stuffed Pork Chop. Or their Honey Soy Glazed Halibut. Or… anything on the menu really! For once, the movie definitely takes second place to the refreshments served.

NOTE: For foodies out there, the Movie Lounge’s website includes downloadable pdf versions of recipes for Pan Seared Diver Scallops with Jalapeno Cheddar Grits, a Rootbeer BBQ Sauce and Chef Blythe’s Pork Tenderloin, and Pineapple Bars with a Lavender Sauce. Wowza!

Chef Blythe Beck The Movie Lounge

Chef Blythe and Me. Do I look pleasantly full??


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  1. I need to find a theater like that in Denver. I’d love to see a movie and take it up a notch with some tasty food. The crab looks and sounds yummy. I thought I was splurging when I got popcorn with butter.

  2. Darn it, I KNEW I should have driven to Ft Smith for that meeting! After this recommendation, I will definitely plan an evening at the Movie Lounge during my next trip there. Chef Beck’s menu sounds inventive and delicious.

  3. This was a wonderful way for our small group to celebrate a Christmas Party together. The food was wonderful, the drinks were fabulous and while viewing the movie, the wait staff constantly tended to our needs (and wants). I highly recommend the Movie Lounge for a few or a group.

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