A Haiku Inspired By David Cross

David Cross

David Cross, photo from Deadline.com

Just read the news from Deadline.com that Arrested Development star David Cross is creating a new “comedy” series for Showtime. But I’m not yet believing the comedy part because of the premise:  it centers around a “modestly successful travel writer” who has several wives/families he’s trying to keep from learning about each other. Hilarious? Hmm….

I’m a travel writer and find it hard enough to keep organized flights, hotel information, and all the other myriad of details needed to ensure that I’m turning in great assignments. I’d be WAY too exhausted to also juggle a couple of spouses. Seriously.

Changing the subject a bit — the Word Count Blogathon 2013 (where 200 bloggers, including me, have been posting stories every day in June) is down to our last week. Throughout the month, the event has sponsored various theme days, of which today is one. We’re supposed to post a haiku that corresponds somehow with our blogs.

So, because this is the Travel Browsing site, and taking inspiration from the David Cross news mentioned above, here’s my attempt:

New comedy RE:
travel writer bigamist
sounds ridiculous.

And not to end on a down note, here’s one more:

My Scotland trip’s booked.
And so is Barcelona.
Travel Writing’s GOOD. :-)

By the way, my favorite movie to ever feature a travel writer was The Accidental Tourist with a very young William Hurt, Geena Davis, and Kathleen Turner:

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