Guest Post: Golfing in Barcelona

[NOTE: Today's guest post is from Kathy Copeland (my Mom) who, while we were in Spain, went on a side trip without me that included a repeat visit to Montseratt, wine tasting at a castle, and playing golf at a public course about an hour outside of Barcelona. Enjoy!]

Oller del Mas golf course outside Barcelona, Spain

Beautiful golfing weather!

I accompanied my daughter on a business trip to Barcelona, Spain last October. Although I loved every tour we took and all the sites we saw, I especially loved my day of golfing “on my own.”

I am an avid golfer but not a great golfer, and was a little worried about spending a day at a local golf course while my daughter was at work. My biggest concern was that I would not fit in with the locals or that I might be paired up with some really good golfers. But to have a chance to play in Spain was too big an opportunity to ignore.

2.LogoSo I booked a tour with Viator that included the golf expedition. However, when the time came I found out that I was the only one in my tour group that had signed up for that add-on!

Many of the men were jealous and asked why I was getting to be dropped off at the Oller del Mas golf course. Our guide told them that I had signed up for it in advance. They didn’t even know it was an option! It really pays to research everything, and not only the most popular tours. [Note from Deb: great tip!]

When they dropped me off at the golf course, I was so excited and felt a bit smug until I realized the young man that met me at in the parking lot could not speak much English. I turned to watch the van with the rest of my tour leaving the grounds and experienced a moment of anxiety. I wasn’t sure I had made such a wise choice.

But the people at the golf course were wonderful and got me all set up with golf clubs. Of course I had to go back to the club house and ask for some golf balls. But after I got them to understand me, I was all set for a round of golf.

Oller del Mas golf course outside Barcelona, Spain

I'm in the swing of things...

I’m in the swing of things…

A young local lady named Narnia was getting ready and she let me play with her. Her English was wonderful. The golf course was 18 holes, but every hole was a par 3. (That’s called a pitch and putt.) There were no golf carts, so I really got my exercise.

I was also pleasantly surprised that I played as well as I did. Narnia was a delight and I thanked her for showing me about the course, keeping me on the right path, and taking such good care of me.

My new friend Narnia, who kept looking away

My new friend Narnia, who kept looking away!

Made it to the end!

A selfie at the end of the course!

After we finished playing, I went to the club house where lunch was part of my package. I assumed it would be a sandwich, but I was served a wonderful meal of white fish with a horseradish sauce, salad, fresh baked bread, and a lovely white wine. I was treated like a VIP.




Even though most of the waiters spoke no English, I was able to get across to them what I needed. I really felt special the way everyone took such good care of me.

After lunch, they called the tour agency to come pick me up. I was told to wait on the deck and they would be there in about an hour. Now that my golfing was over and my lunch was over, I began to wonder if they actually would come back to get me!

Oller Del Mas golf course outside of Barcelona, Spain

Wish there had been time to try that pool

I really hoped that everything would be fine. I was in a strange country with very few people who spoke my language. But I wandered around the pretty grounds and within an hour my ride came. Although I was really happy (and a bit relieved) to see them, I loved every part of this wonderful golfing day.

The Oller del Mas golf course is so beautiful and the people were so nice and helpful. It was really great to be among locals and be a part of everyday activities. I loved all my other tours in Spain but this day of golfing will always be one of my fondest memories.

Oller Del Mas golf course outside of Barcelona, Spain

Ready for another round!


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  1. What a great article Kathy! I enjoy reading Deb’s blog and her guest blogger / golfer is one of the things that makes it fun to follow. Always new and fun things to read. I didn’t see a score posted so I’m thinking even PAR. I’m looking forward to reading more from the adventursome duo of Deb and Kathy. FORE!!!!


    1. And Ron, all the pictures shown are ones she took. (Except for the one of her swinging a club, of course! :-) )

    2. Thanks Ron. How kind of you to say such nice things about Deb’s blog. I was really happy she asked me to be a guest blogger and to write about my fun day of Golf in Spain. I didn’t post my score, but it was a lot better than I expected with different clubs and everything being strange to me. But I didn’t care. As long as I had bragging rights to say “I played golf in Spain”.

    1. Thanks for commenting Jackie! It almost (almost!)makes me consider at least thinking about learning about golf. ;-)

  2. Indeed it is and should be one of your fondest memories. I hope you realize how wonderfully brave I think you are for tackling 18 holes of golf alone at a country club in Spain. What an adventure. I could read about it again and again because it inspires me.

    1. Thanks Sandy. I even surprised myself by doing this. It taught me to never be afraid of searching out new adventures wherever they may be. I had a wonderful day and of course, great memories for years to come.

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