My Dinner with (the real) Tony Bennett

The Don Giovanni Ristorante in New York

The Don Giovanni Restaurant on west 44th Street in New York City is my favorite type of eatery. It’s small and cute, feels “authentic” and has great food and service. Located between 8th and 9th Avenues just west of Times Square, it’s also one of those places tucked into a dim area where you might not expect such a fun, relaxing site. In other words, it feels like you’ve stumbled upon a hidden treasure!

However, the restaurant actually has quite a following – including the legendary singer Tony Bennett.

This past Sunday night, a small group of us were enjoying our wine and Italian food there (I’m in love with their lobster ravioli!) when our server mentioned that Mr. Bennett was dining with his own group of friends near the front door.

Okay, I didn’t actually eat at his table, but we were in the same room. So I’m classifying it is as dining together. :-)

I didn’t want to disturb the long-time star while he was eating, but when he started posing for pictures with some of the wait staff afterwards, I ran over with my camera. Again, not wanting to be a pain, I stood behind the main photographer to snap a few shots. Of course I also leaned in to say, “I’m such a huge fan!” but he just said “Thanks” and turned away.

Tony Bennett at Don Giovanni Restaurant in New York City

                                Tony Bennett and his group after eating at Don Giovanni’s

Still, I decided to count it as “after dinner conversation” with a living legend. Ha!

I learned from our server afterwards that Tony comes to the restaurant about once a month and that his group usually orders a “design your own pizza” for the table. And although they rarely order drinks, wine was enjoyed on our night.

Don Giovanni Restaurant in New York CityIt’s easy to see why Don Giovanni’s is so popular. The food has great prices, especially by Manhattan standards, and the servings are big. According to its website, it prides itself on offering traditional Neopolitan dishes with warm hospitality unlike “the onslaught of pretentious Italian places in the area.”

The walls are lined with dozens of opera photos, as a salute to the restaurant’s name, and strings of white lights to keep the dining room from becoming too dark.

Lobster ravioli at Don Giovanni Restaurant in New York City

                     Mmmm, that’s some good ravioli!

As mentioned earlier, I had the lobster ravioli on this visit as well as during a follow-up visit on our last night/Tuesday. Actually the full name was “Ravioli all Aragosta – Lobster Ravioli in Pink Sauce.” By any name, it was delicious! And was only $14 for a HUGE serving.

One of my colleagues ordered the restaurant’s signature brick oven pizza and voiced amazement that she almost finished it completely by herself. Her $9 Margherita pizza’s thin and crispy crust was especially tasty, as was her earlier super-fresh-tasting artichoke salad.

My only regret during our 2 dinners was that I never had any room left to try their tiramisu or chocolate chip cake. Well, and that I didn’t go ahead and ask for my picture WITH Tony Bennett. Oh well, maybe I’ll hit him up next time I’m in New York City. After all, I now know one of his hang-outs. ;-)

Full but happy...

                                   Full but happy…

NOTE: The restaurant has a second location in Chelsea on 10th Avenue, in between 22nd and 23rd Streets. Reservations are only needed if a party has more than 6 members.


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  1. Very nice. Sounds like you had a fun evening. Love the way you describe the restaurant, makes me feel like I’ve been there. Good luck getting your picture with Tony Bennett next time. I feel sure you can accomplish that. Great article.

    1. Thanks for the compliment Darlene! I think that if I lived in NYC, this would become my “neighborhood hangout” – even without the added Tony Bennett coolness. ;-)

  2. A fantastic meal for two at around $100.00 in New York City is unheard of…until now. I placed Don Giovanni at the top of my go-to list for my next New York trip. Looking forward to it with all my taste buds.

    1. It’s especially amazing when you realize that included wine (good wine!)and was so close to the theater district. As you know, EVERYTHING around that area/Times Square is usually outlandishly expensive.

      But isn’t it fun to stumble upon hidden treasures like this??

  3. It sounds like you found a true gem at Giovanni’s. I’m sure my next trip to New York City will include an evening there. The atmosphere as well as the good food and good prices make it a “must see”. And of course to top off the already great dining experience, to see Tony Bennett and his group just made it a perfect evening.

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