Photo Scavenger Hunt Hopes to Build ‘Sense of Community’


City-wide competition starts soon

When I was in junior high, I loved when a get-together featured some type of clever scavenger hunt. Later, I went to a college party that sent teams of guests out with polaroid cameras (wow, that was a long time ago!) to perform a list of silly activities around town and then provide photographic proof that each task was completed. It was lots of fun and my team even came in third! But that was the last time I ever had the opportunity to participate in something like this.

Now, fast-forward many years to a news item I saw yesterday in the local paper announcing that a free, overnight, city-wide photo scavenger hunt has been scheduled for later this month. According to the Southwest Times Record, the sponsors decided on this type of event as a way to provide a “sense of community” and to kick off the summer season.

“Those on the hunt will discover things about our city that they previously were unaware of, so that will be fun,” said Miles Crawford, CEO of Suite Staffing Services in Fort Smith, Arkansas, in the article.

He noted that teams of up to 5 people will start their hunt at 10pm on June 28 and work together until the event closes at 6am on June 29. They’ll be asked to photograph at least 2 team members at specified locales and with monuments or items around town. Those who are able to collect the most pictures the fastest will win prizes, as will teams who are able to solve “clue hunt side quests.”

I think this is a fantastic way to bring people together for a little friendly competition while showcasing some of the fun things around the Fort Smith area. And I’m surprised that more people aren’t doing this. So…

I did some googling and it looks like this type of event has become very popular for communities and charitable organizations all over the United States, including this 1 night event by a youth church group in Cincinnati, Ohio (check out their great pics!); a 1-month hunt by the El Paso, California Regional Parks; and a 6-month activity hunt by the Lake Avenue Community Foundation in Pasadena, California.

Have you ever participated in a photo scavenger hunt? I’d love to hear stories — and tips on ways to win! :-) If I can pull a team together in time to participate, I’ll definitely post some of our pics.


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  1. No scavenger hunt stories…just wish I could be on your team. Fun stuff like this could encourage me to move to Ft Smith! Can’t wait to read about the “hunt”.

  2. We would make a great team Sandy! I’m really looking forward to this — but hope the “going all night” part doesn’t scare off some people from wanting to participate. It seems my friends like their sleep. ;-)

  3. This does sound like fun. Or, fun back 30 years ago when I wouldn’t have minded doing something that started at 10pm and ran to 6am! I haven’t heard of this activity where I live in upstate New York – but we have plenty of college students in Binghamton who I bet would love to participate in something like this.

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