For Valentine’s Day – Visiting Two of the Art World’s Best Kisses

Klimt's The Kiss at the Belvedere Palace and Museum in Vienna, Austria

    On this most romantic day, it seems appropriate to talk about love, affection, and passion. Artists such as Renoir, Jean-Léon Gérôme, and Constantin Brancusi have used love as themes in some incredibly moving masterpieces. And I’m thrilled to have seen in person two of the most famous works to focus on, well, smooching. […]

Dining in a Viennese Cellar Dating Back to the 1100s

Twelve Apostles' Cellar in Vienna, Austria

The quirky and unusual Zwölf Apostelkeller restaurant in Vienna is quite literally a buried treasure. In fact, its name translates into the “12 Apostles’ Cellar.” And this keller/cellar is one popular (although kind of hard-to-find) gem. Located in Sonnengelsgasss, behind St. Stephan’s Cathedral and down some winding streets, this subterranean tavern is worth hunting down. […]

In Time for Foodie Friday – Revisiting Vienna’s Decadent Sacher Torte


In honor of #FoodieFriday at the about-to-start Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged (#AWBU) conference and retreat outside of Little Rock, I’m re-posting my most popular and most delicious story so far. It’s all about Vienna’s Sacher Torte, a bit of chocolatey goodness that has been the subject of several battles over the year. Enjoy!   A […]

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